Download tinySpell legacy dictionaries

The legacy dictionaries file names are txpad???.zip where ??? is the language. Each dictionary contains two files: n71.lex and n00.sup (see below). To install a dictionary just copy the two files to the tinySpell+ directory and restart tinySpell+.

The legacy dictionaries are (file names in parenthesis):
American (171.lex, 100.sup)
British (271.lex, 200.sup)
French (371.lex, 300.sup)
German (471.lex, 400.sup)
Spanish (571.lex, 500.sup)
Italian (671.lex, 600.sup)
Dutch (771.lex, 700.sup)
Swedish (871.lex, 800.sup)
Danish (971.lex, 900.sup)
Norwegian (1071.lex, 1000.sup)